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May 16, 2020

The goal of every life on earth is to enjoy this world and to fulfil its destiny. For humans, it would seem their destiny goes beyond life on earth. There seems to be a ‘spiritual world’, or a more ‘advanced’ form of life, awaiting us after we pass on. And this is inevitable. We cannot avoid it.

We will bring to that next life what we have learned and become here on earth.

Most Important

May 19, 2020

The first and most important thing in your life is your personal holiness.

After that is your effort to help others achieve theirs

Be Creative

May 21, 2020

Don’t expect to have God do everything for you.

If you can

May 23, 2020

See a thing through to its beautiful end and don’t settle for ‘It’ll do’.


June 9, 2020

Be patient. Focus. Do what you can to get help. It’s a mysterious experience that affects the whole world.

Your love during it transforms you and everything around you.

The Healer

The Healer

The Healer by Brother Seamus

The healing Presence of God can be very strong, so the strong instrumental melodies and call of seabirds, with the loud waves of the sea, provide a meditation that  is relaxing but imparts a lot of energy if played loud. The music follows a ‘journey theme’ whereby one’s spirit goes in search of the Healer (Christ), eventually finding Him after much travelling through the challenges of life. We are brought through an ‘interior’ journey to the refreshing waters of the ‘coast’.

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A Wedding of Mystics

A Wedding of Mystics

A Wedding of Mystics by Brother Seamus
This 68 minute instrumental meditation is a combination of two themes, ‘Celtic Spring’ (25 mins) and ‘Transformation’ (42 mins). The style of each theme is different and they can be used as separate meditations. The music is not at all intrusive and there are no nature sounds in it. The overall theme is the ‘mystical wedding’ between the Soul and the Divine, introduced and developed in ‘Celtic Spring’, but brought to completion in ‘Transformation’.

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Healing Flute Music

Healing Flute Music

Healing Flute Music by Brother Seamus
You can use just the individual tracks of this music for very short meditations, or larger sections that you make into your own playlists. The CD is completely instrumental with nature sounds in some tracks. Different types of flutes are used throughout. For a short group meditation of 30 minutes, I’ve used the last 5 tracks – ‘Golden Bird’ through to the end – followed by about 5 minutes silence, which has proved very effective.

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Celtic Prayer Songs


Celtic Prayer Songs by Brother Seamus
This music is very good for helping bring the listener into the Presence of Christ. It’s a collection of Celtic Christian spiritual songs, chants, Irish airs and instrumental pieces. As well as the warm wood of the Irish boxwood flute, there’s the deep resonance of cello, some lovely string harmonies, Irish nature sounds and meditative words to help the soul move forward in its quest for the Peace of God. The music has been used to spiritually comfort those who are ill or dying.
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Visual Meditations

These videos are all designed to help you relax, find peace and contentment and come spiritually closer to the good God who created the beautiful world we live in. In our modern, fast-paced world we tend to lose the appreciation of what is happening around us, especially in nature. And in our movies and documentaries we have become accustomed to quick ‘cuts’ – lots of imagery rapidly changing to keep our interest peaked. Not that this style isn’t beautiful as it engages us, but it can create in us a hunger for ever more information, leaving us with a very short attention span. In other words, we get bored easily.

So the videos here show extended visuals, places as you might see them in nature. The images, when they change, change slowly. All to help the viewer appreciate the wonderful details in life, to look around and notice new things happening, in the same place. And to listen to the intricate sounds that were designed by the Creator to enthrall us. I’ve chosen music, too, which I hope helps enhance the meditative experience.

The videos here are free to view, but if you would like your copy as a DVD or Download, to have independent of the internet, I can supply it for €15 (incl. shipping or processing) when you click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Just indicate to me in the ordering note which you would like to have.

Gentle Waves of Crete

Gentle Waves of Crete

A 25 minute video filmed in a little cove near Almyrida on the sunny island of Crete. The lapping of the waves is very gentle and the music is from my CD ‘Universe’. A lovely place where I now and then bring people on a wellbeing retreat. The video is available as a HD file.


If you enjoy flowers, you should love this 34 minute video. I’ve put together some lovely photos, accompanied by my music ‘Little Angels Music’. I think the flowers are gorgeous, and I want each frame to be a colourful, enthralling tribute to the beauty of God’s creation.


This 30 minute video features the shorelines of Ballinesker beach in Co. Wexford and Ardmore beach in Co. Waterford, Ireland, during the warm Summer of 2013. The music I chose to enhance the visuals is taken from my CD ‘Beauty Music’.


About Seamus

Brother Seamus (Seamus Byrne) is a composer, performer and retreat facilitator who travels internationally giving concerts, retreats, workshops, missions, spiritual reflections  and recitals. His music is relaxing, prayerful and deeply engaging, inviting the listener to relax and rest in the Presence of Christ. He sings and plays flute to inspire people to love God, his compositions and songs having a deeply relaxing and spiritually uplifting effect.

Seamus is a member of the Servants of Love community which has a house in Wicklow Town. This Roman Catholic lay community of celibate men and women live a monastic lifestyle and are involved in helping people live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. The community runs a health resource centre and shop and are sought after for their knowledge of healthy living for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Brother Seamus’ mission is to encourage people to ‘Be with God’. He draws much on the Christian Spirituality of the Irish Celtic Saints who lived between the 5th and 10th centuries. Their spirituality was practical, earth-friendly and mystical, and is more than suitable for our modern busy world which can be, at times, very stressful.

During his performances, he sings and chants in the Celtic style, plays a variety of Celtic and World flutes, and plays Bodhrán (Irish hand drum). He speaks about the love of Jesus in a way that is attractive and engaging. His goal is that each person may ‘find’ themself in Christ and be completely fulfilled in that intimate relationship.

Brother Seamus in Concert


Inspiration for your Spiritual Life

Brother Seamus

Welcome to my website. I’d like it to be a place where you can find inspiration to enhance your spiritual life, to grow and develop in a way that is attractive to your spirit. A place of nourishment, and also a source of entertainment and art appreciation. Here, you’ll find music, videos, articles, art – all designed to encourage and inspire you in your quest and journey towards the Divine.

Brother Seamus


New Light

The second movement of the ‘Symphonic Poems’ music from the CD ‘Manach’. It’s 8 mins 21 secs long, relaxing and very meditative.

Like ‘Earth Journey’, it’s also good for gentle ‘Free Dancing’. Your body knows how it wants to move to free itself out. So let it do that, gently and carefully. Keep the personal ballet going!

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