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I love to compose music and songs that are inspirational, particularly towards spiritual things. So you’ll find something here that is suitable for meditation, relaxation, prayer, etc. As my music serves a niche market, it isn’t available on any streaming service. It’s purchasable here in the CD format. But you can also order the CD as a Download, in which case I’ll send you all the tracks as highest quality MP3 files.

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The Healer

The Healer

The Healer by Brother Seamus

The healing Presence of God can be very strong, so the strong instrumental melodies and call of seabirds, with the loud waves of the sea, provide a meditation that  is relaxing but imparts a lot of energy if played loud. The music follows a ‘journey theme’ whereby one’s spirit goes in search of the Healer (Christ), eventually finding Him after much travelling through the challenges of life. We are brought through an ‘interior’ journey to the refreshing waters of the ‘coast’.

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Inspiration for your Spiritual Life

Brother Seamus

Welcome to my website. I’d like it to be a place where you can find inspiration to enhance your spiritual life, to grow and develop in a way that is attractive to your spirit. A place of nourishment, and also a source of entertainment and art appreciation. Here, you’ll find music, videos, articles, art – all designed to encourage and inspire you in your quest and journey towards the Divine.

Brother Seamus


New Light

The second movement of the ‘Symphonic Poems’ music from the CD ‘Manach’. It’s 8 mins 21 secs long, relaxing and very meditative.

Like ‘Earth Journey’, it’s also good for gentle ‘Free Dancing’. Your body knows how it wants to move to free itself out. So let it do that, gently and carefully. Keep the personal ballet going!

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