wedding of mystics


I love to compose music and songs that are inspirational, particularly towards spiritual things. So you’ll find something here that is suitable for meditation, relaxation, prayer, etc. As my music serves a niche market, it isn’t available on any streaming service. It’s purchasable here in the CD format. But you can also order the CD as a Download, in which case I’ll send you all the tracks as highest quality MP3 files.

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A Wedding of Mystics

A Wedding of Mystics

A Wedding of Mystics by Brother Seamus
This 68 minute instrumental meditation is a combination of two themes, ‘Celtic Spring’ (25 mins) and ‘Transformation’ (42 mins). The style of each theme is different and they can be used as separate meditations. The music is not at all intrusive and there are no nature sounds in it. The overall theme is the ‘mystical wedding’ between the Soul and the Divine, introduced and developed in ‘Celtic Spring’, but brought to completion in ‘Transformation’.

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